What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort?

The sex industry isn’t just one thing but is made up of different job roles for people may do although we are all one community.

The difference is that prostitute is an overarching label that society gives to just about anyone in the industry regardless and escort is one particular section. They aren’t really comparable.

If you want to know the difference between the two, then you have to remove your assumptions. Furthermore you are always paying for her time not sex acts.

Having done both escorting and brothel work, I will use these two to explain. Society would call me a prostitute for working either job. Yet as you can see Brothel Work and Escort Work are not the same thing.

Working in Brothel – bigger focus on sex in private

  1. Men come normally wanting sex or to relax then going out somewhere.
  2. The time has a standard expectation of sex if its wanted.
  3. Less engagement is excepted unless requested
  4. You could say street based work has a similar or stronger focus on expectations and time constraints.

Working as an Escortbigger focus on companionship and outings

  1. Men come normally wanting company on an outing. Dinner, event or night out, a weekend away somewhere.
  2. As independent worker, they can tailor the company to the client. I know of one lady who would have her clients favourite wine ready so have a drink before they went out.
  3. The time has a standard expectation of companionship, regardless of anything else that does or doesn’t happen.

If you wanted to take it further we can quickly look at the other sections although I haven’t had as much experience in these areas this is my general understanding from within the industry.

Working as a sugar baby – Friends, dating through funding

  1. This is not a set time, sex included situation. Someone who is financial helping out someone who isn’t. In return the financier may just have company, it could be platonic to a proper relationship or anything in between.

Working as a pornstar – Actors/Actresses in adult themed movies

  1. Easiest way to explain. Julia Roberts played a sex worker, that didn’t make her one, it made her an actress. Porn stars play a role of someone is a sexual situation. Its not always for pleasure but to make a movie about pleasure.

Working as a stripper – exotic dancing of a sexual/sensual nature

  1. This is about dance. The tease, the temptation, the look but not touch. There can be routines to learn, working in with the song, it may be themed, mostly working on a stage.

Some are more similar than others, but they all come under the sex industry umbrella equally.  Continue reading “What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort?”